#163: Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing

#163: Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing

#163: Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing

by HopeNet Radio | Podcast

Who’s on this episode?

Jeff Strommen @jstrommen | Dave Wager @wagerdaw | Jason Kemper @kempster220

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Show Notes

BBC Dad Video

This video garnered over 60 million views in less than 48 hours from when it first aired! Why do you think this clip went viral so quickly? Plus, here is his first interview since the failed BBC interview.


Colossians 2

Jeff and Dave continue to look at the book of Colossians in Chapter 2 this week. Read it.


Quote Us.

Years ago, we didn’t live segmented lives. Today, we live segmented lives. -DW

If you are not doing life with somebody, you won’t have accountability. -DW


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#107: America Needs Refugees

#107: America Needs Refugees

On this episode

Jeff Strommen @jstrommen | Dave Wager @wagerdaw | Jason @kempster220 | Terra Kay @terrakfree | Bill, Homeland Security

Could it be that the way to change a generation plagued by narcissism, consumerism and apathy is dependent on our response to refugees coming to America?

In the recent months, there has been growing discussion in news media and on social media around refugees coming to America from nations like Syria, Iraq and other parts of the Middle East. After the attack that happened in Paris, there has been growing concern that refugees with violent ulterior motives will be coming to America. Not only that, but there are many refugees who have been resettled in neighborhoods in the US. So, what are Christians to do? Who are these refugees and how are we to respond to them?

As Christians are torn on this issue, Jeff and Dave welcome a a couple of guests with distinguished views on the issue of refugee resettlement to shed some light on the tension we face. One thing is certain – this next generation needs to care about

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Guests on this episode

Terra Kay, World Relief Fox Valley

Come hear about ways you can volunteer and serve refugees in Northeast Wisconsin at an upcoming Volunteer Information Night!

Terra is the Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator at World Relief Fox Valley. Their office has resettled over 130 refugees this year and is looking for ways to get Christians and the Church to reach out to some of the most vulnerable people of our society.


Bill, Homeland Security

People are exploiting gaps in the vetting process of refugees that makes it difficult to ensure that everyone coming in as a refugee is safe to resettle in our local communities. There is a lot going on behind the scenes surrounding the types of people coming as refugees that concern our national security.


The Big Idea

The vast majority of refugees coming to America get some support up front, but many times go forgotten because it’s assumed that they’ve adjusted to American way of life. But this is often not the case. And it’s the Church’s job to care for the needs of the most vulnerable members of our society, including refugees. Or simply put:

This is a different kind of topic for us to cover because there is so much media attention around the issue of resettling refugees. It’s complex, yet simple. In its purest form, a refugee is someone who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.

While some would exploit the process to cause harm to Americans, the vast majority of refugees who have come through the process over the last 70 years have come to seek refuge from the storms of life and perils of evil. Some move thousands of miles away from “home” to find safety and security. Imagine for a moment that you were one of them.


Something to consider

Sodom’s Destruction as explained in Ezekiel

Ezekiel 16:48 // As surely as I live, says the Sovereign LORD, Sodom and her daughters were never as wicked as you and your daughters. Sodom’s sins were pride, gluttony, and laziness, while the poor and needy suffered outside her door. She was proud and committed detestable sins, so I wiped her out, as you have seen.

The Expositor’s Bible Commentary, Volume 6: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel

Sodom’s chief sin had been pride and self-exaltation. This stemmed from her abundant materialism (food), given to her from God (Gen 13:10), which had resulted in false security, apathy, a luxurious life of ease, and the corollary disdain and neglect of the poor and needy (v.49). This material ease fostered sexual perversion (Gen 13:13; 18:20; 19:4–5). This passage stands as both an exhortation and a warning against such wickedness and life styles today. As evil as Sodom was, she did not begin to do evil like Jerusalem. (Jeremiah described how the prophets of Jerusalem committed adultery, lied, and encouraged evildoers so that none turned from their wickedness, just like Sodom [Jer 23:14; cf. 2 Kings 15:37; 16:6; 24:2; 2 Chronicles 28:18–19; Isa 3:9; Ezek 22:15].)

In light of this passage, what is the Christian’s responsibility to refugees? Could the same words said about Jerusalem be synonymous to life in America? Is America not hospitable enough to care for the most vulnerable in our society? Can Christians do more for refugees?


Helpful Links & Infographs

Refugee Mental Health | This is a really eye-opening slideshow outlining the realities faced by refugees.

Christian Response to Refugees (Jesus Creed Blog)

Carson says Syrian refugees don’t want to come to US (FoxNews.com)

More than half the nation’s governors say Syrian refugees not welcome (CNN.com)


Infograph via worldreliefresponds.com

#019: Made to Last

#019: Made to Last

Starting this week, our theme on HopeNet Radio is about having a “Kingdom Agenda” in 2014. What do we mean by that? What does that look like in our life? Tune in all this month!

1 John 2:15-17 says: “Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride of life—is not from the Father but is from the world. And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.”

On the show:


  • Kingdom agenda
  • 2 Kingdoms: Kingdom of God & Kingdom of this World.
  • The Porridge People make an appearance again. [Porridge People relates to the story of Esau in Genesis 25:34 where he chooses porridge over his birthright.]

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#018: Show the Goliaths Who You Are

#018: Show the Goliaths Who You Are

Break out your kazoos and sparkling grape juice! 2013 is out. 2014 is moving in. It’s a new year and Jeff & Dave want to help you ring it in right. On the show…

  • Jeff introduces the “YOLO FOMO Syndrome.”
  • Dave answers the question, “What do I do if my New Year’s plans suddenly change and I’m caught in a situation I wasn’t planning on?”
  • Facing the Goliaths in your life face-to-face.

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#016: Vision for Your Life

#016: Vision for Your Life


“What is God’s vision for my life?”

Sixty seconds in one minute. Sixty minutes in one hour. Twenty-four hours in one day. 365 days in one year. One life to live. Have you ever thought about what your vision is for your life? Most of us would think about careers, starting family, what kind of car we’d want to drive, etc. But have you thought beyond the stuff and asked what my purpose is in life? When you do, the next question is always the hardest – how am I going to get there? Better yet, what’s the vision?

It’s easy to get caught up in what’s happening right now that we lose sight of the future. Or we never even consider where we’re going in life. Have you ever felt stuck in life with no direction or purpose? This show is for you!

I have made many mistakes along the way. Every one of us makes choices that we find leave us hurt and lost. Tonight, on HopeNet Radio, Jeff and DW sit down with Jake Spielbauer of Ignite Youth Ministries to talk about discovering God’s vision for your life.

Ignite Youth Ministries (Facebook | Twitter)


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