#034: That Sounded Better In My Head

#034: That Sounded Better In My Head

going-differentlyWe’ve all been there. Well, at least most of us have. We’ve made up excuses. We’ve told white lies. We’ve fabricated stories to cover our butts. What’s the funniest or worst excuse/white lies/fabrication you’ve come up with?

On the show tonight:

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Share an excuse/lie/fabrication you used to try to save face that sounded good in your head and totally got you busted.

How should we give criticism?

How do we receive criticism?

When does criticism become destructive?

Do white lies really matter?

Should we always tell exactly what we’re thinking/feeling on the inside? Why or why not? Are there things we don’t tell people that maybe we should?

Is it ever too late to tell the truth?


Types of Lies We Tell

White lies, broken promises, fabrication, bold-faced lies, exaggerations, deception, plagiarism, compulsive lying. (Source) We lie to save face or shift blame. Those who lie rarely accept responsibility. That’s the whole point of lying. We always want the praise and responsibility for all the good things we do, but if we mess up, our sin nature is drawn to lie.


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No Excuses

Have you ever met someone who has an excuse for every situation, letdown, decision – everything? All the time. They’re always right in their mind. And if you call them out, they get defensive and there’s a good chance you lose a friend.

I’ve been there. I had excuses.

It’s a sign of a deeper distress. As good as I could make excuses sound, they were what they were – excuses. The more I used them, the more I believed them. And before too long, I’d made excuses left and right. I didn’t realize it, but my excuses were causing people hurt. What I was communicating was “I’m right. You’re wrong. Get over it.” Harsh. Thankfully, that’s not me anymore.

I was done hurting others. I was done hurting myself. I gave over my need for control and the need to be right.

The reality is that people see through excuses. Not always right away, but they will. Excuses aren’t always lies… but they’re not always the whole truth.

In fact, the writer of Romans says that one day each of us will give an account of ourselves to God himself. No excuses. Come on, would you really try to lie to the Judge?

What excuses do you have? True freedom comes when you start letting go of the excuses and the need for control. God wants to set you free from whatever it is that keeps you from being free. All you need to do is be willing to change.

If you need someone to talk to about this, there’s a coach waiting to talk to you.