#062: Be A Regifter

#062: Be A Regifter

Around here, it’s Christmastime. The most generous time of the year. Or so it would seem. Americans, on average, will spend over 750 dollars this Christmas on gifts. So much time and energy exerted for this one moment. We hope it’s all worth it in the end. But what happens when the shine wears off of those new toys, gadgets and whatchamacallits? Something needs to replace it.

What if you already had every gift you needed in life? Tonight’s show is all about the ways that God has given us gifts that won’t lose their shine. Let’s discover them together. Jeff, DW, Jason & Mike sit down for a lively conversation. Share about your favorite gift ever on the Tweetback!


Here’s what we discuss on the show!

Let’s choose not to settle for mediocrity. You and I were made with purpose. The gifts you have are evidence of this! Are we settling for mediocre? Share on the Tweetback!

Leaders Get From Good To Great By Going Through Mediocre (Adam Smith)


Discover your Gifts

Spiritual Gifts Test (Teens)

Spiritual Gifts Test (Adults)

What are the Spiritual Gifts (GotQuestions.org)?


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