#086: Virtuous Living (Chastity)

#086: Virtuous Living (Chastity)

The Virtuous Living Series continues this week as Jeff & DW challenge us to embrace a lifestyle that pursues chastity. Most people will think sexual purity when they hear the word ‘chastity.’ However, it’s so much more than that! Guys and girls, listen in. This is a conversation that needs to happen more.

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The Notes

Physical purity. Usually, when the topic of purity comes up, the conversation becomes about what clothes we should wear or not wear. It’s all about the outside… what we can see, feel, touch, or smell.

Mental Purity. Our mind is where purity begins. It’s the decision-making part of us. What does a pure, chaste person think like? What thoughts you dwell on and the stuff you put in your mind is so important. That leads into the third category…

Emotional/Spiritual Purity. You and I have an incurable problem with selfishness and self-centered thinking that it single-handedly causes breakdowns in every relationship – it’s cray. We need an answer for this. We need a savior. Chat with a Live Coach to learn more.