10 Things Your Son Wants to Hear From You

10 Things Your Son Wants to Hear From You

1. I Love You, No Matter What

Let your son know you love him unconditionally. Emphasize that he does not need to be good, successful, or smart for you to love him.

2. I Respect You

Your son deserves respect too. You will teach your son a lot about respecting other people’s values and boundaries, when you show him respect. Mutual respect is key to a strong relationship with your son.

3. I’m Here For You

Be supportive in his decisions, as long as it is not something that will cause him harm. There are many adults living with resentment and regret because their parents did not support their dreams and goals.

4. I Am Listening

Listen without judgement or criticism. Listen with out self-referencing.  You don’t need to relate or like what he is saying. Just listen.

5. You Brighten My Day!

Let your son know how much joy he brings into your life. Show him that he is a blessing.

6. I Believe in You

Tell him what unique qualities you admire. Support his strengths, dreams and goals.

7. Tell Me More

Be inquisitive in a good way. Show enthusiasm when he is speaking. Use your tone and body language to show you are paying attention. Be curious about what he is saying.

8. I Want To Understand

Let your son know when you do not understand what he is going through. Ask him to explain and elaborate. Don’t jump to conclusions and attack his character.

9. Thank You!

Show gratitude for the little things. Thank him for helping out.

10. Let Me Help You

Your son may not always ask for help, even if he needs it. If your son needs help, be there with your love and encouragement.


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