#161: Becoming Resilient

#161: Becoming Resilient

#161: Becoming Resilient

by HopeNet Radio | Podcast

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Show Notes

This week, we’ve centered our discussion around an article on 8 qualities the most resilient people share.

As business leaders and entrepreneurs (parents, teens, young adults), you know that success requires the resilience to keep moving ahead even when confronted with obstacles and roadblocks. You have a willingness to swim upstream and not give up simply because the tide is against you. Resilient people are successful because they possess these eight qualities

Jeff and Dave share their thoughts on the 8 things and look at how Scripture confirms these principles. Did you know that Jonah had to learn how to be resilient in the face of failure?


3 Takeaways from Jonah’s trip to Nineveh

1. Jonah wasn’t thinking clearly, or he would’ve done things differently.

Because of Jonah’s story, we can see how important it is to see things from God’s perspective, especially when we are faced with an important decision. Jonah learned this the hard way.

2. Jonah would’ve rather died than listen to God.

There’s much to be said about the point where Jonah thought his way out was to be tossed overboard in the storm. He simply gave up hope that his situation was redeemable after failing God.

3. God wouldn’t let Jonah die.

This example just goes to show that God is never too far away or a situation too far removed from Him that He cannot intervene. The same is true for your life. Your situation is not too worse off that God cannot rescue you. If you feel this way, chat with one of our Groundwire coaches!

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#073: Love is Hopeful

#073: Love is Hopeful

Doctor says mother’s prayer restarted dead boy’s heart

Jeff and DW head back to the salt mine this week, wrapping up the Love Is series with Jason and Mike. If we say that we love someone, but have little faith that things can change for the better, do we really love? This challenging question is so important and complex, especially after being hurt over and over by someone you love.

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Show Notes

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tobymac made to love lyric

Okay, well maybe that’s not the best way to describe love, but I do love a tasty scone in the morning. The point is that there are so many wild and crazy ideas of what love is. When you ask someone to define it, usually there’s a pause to think a little. How would you define “love” to someone? How do you know when you feel loved? Can you fall into love (and out of it)? Why do we do such crazy things for love today? And when we are pained by someone else, can we ever love them again?

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Remember, disagreement doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t love you. We can disagree with someone and still love them. How silly is it if you chose not to love someone who didn’t like pizza and you did? That’s crazy, right? Yet we see examples of this happening every day in our society that we can no longer disagree without being ridiculed or called out publicly. If we’re going to truly see love overcome in our world today, then we have to know how to agree to disagree about something and still love the person with whom we disagree. In fact, that is the essence of forgiveness. When we love others, we are willing to go the distance, knowing that reality isn’t reflective of the greatness that is to come when we are driven by hope.