#152: ‘Tis The Season For Peace

#152: ‘Tis The Season For Peace

#152: 'Tis The Season For Peace

by HopeNet Radio | Podcast

Who’s on this episode?

Jeff Strommen @jstrommen
Dave Wager @wagerdaw
Jason Kemper @kempster220

Jeff and Dave have a few tips to help you discover peace in your life. Did you know that you can have peace in life even with a list of deadlines and appointments? This week, ask someone how they maintain peace in their life and have a conversation about it. Or look at your life. Do you have peace? Listen to the episode and share your thoughts.

Make each conversation count this week. You could save a life.

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Show Notes

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Dave: “There are moments where children will be children. Don’t ruin your life because of it. Don’t ruin theirs.”

Jeff: ”

Jason: “Set your heart right. Look for ways where you can bless others this Christmas season.”


Thoughts on Peace

  1. Peace begins in your heart. No one else can choose peace for you. Nobody can bring you peace. You have to cultivate it by going to the One who brings peace.
  2. Think about the different ways we all try to find peace for our lives… self-medicate, distance ourselves from normal healthy relationships, religious rituals (buddhism, new age spirituality, yoga…), seek romantic “no strings attached” relationships… We are always pursuing personal, inner peace.
  3. Loss of peace when you feel that you have no choice or less desirable options to pick from this Christmas. Unforeseen bills, strained relationships
  4. Peace over the snowball effect of focusing on one small problem that leads to a focus on more and larger problems.
  5. Peace comes when you submit to the authority God places over you.


Are you faced with a chaotic situation where you feel helpless and peace is lacking (family, workplace, etc)?

When you come into a place where peace is lacking, instead of focusing on what stresses you out about the situation, look for the opportunity to bring calm and comfort. Ask for God’s help.


God Sent Us Peace

The promise that came with God sending Jesus to Earth was, “Peace on Earth, goodwill to all men.”

God did not send Jesus to make war with men on Earth. Instead, Jesus came to this world to with us in such a way where it brought true and everlasting peace between God and mankind.

Read Ephesians 2

God is not at war with you. But if you are not in God’s family and do not have the Spirit of God alive in you, your heart of flesh will always be bent to war against God, knowingly or unknowingly. The heart of man will always war with God because of our natural bend to sin. This is interesting because if you do not have peace with God, you will never have a sense of peace that your heart is longing for.


Where is your place where you are at peace?

Room in your house?
Some other place you visit frequently? Cabin… etc?

I feel most at peace when _________ (I’m hanging with friends, I’m at my cabin, I’m doing something I enjoy doing, I read my Bible…)


We each have a unique opportunity

We each have a unique opportunity to help cultivate peace in the lives of those around us this Christmas. The difficulty will continue to be whether we decide to not worry about my comfortability or inconveniences to make it so.

True peace cannot be manufactured by yourself. It comes in knowing Jesus and having your identity firmly established in Him. This is so that when all else fails you, your peace will remain intact knowing that God is for you. Jesus left us with His peace, which extends over every circumstance and season of life. You can experience loss and still have peace.

Peace == Clarity
Chaos == Confusion

The longer you focus on your problems, the more you’ll lack peace. Problems will always rob you of peace. Pursuit of the promises of God will guarantee clarity that comes with God’s peace.

How are you activating God’s peace in your life? A stranger’s life? A friend’s life?
How is the lack of peace between you and another person affecting other relationships or areas of your life?
Are you doing something to hinder God’s peace in your life?


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