#131: Relational Integrity with Mike Jewell

#131: Relational Integrity with Mike Jewell

Who’s on this episode?

Jeff Strommen @jstrommen | Dave Wager @wagerdaw

This week, Jeff and DW sit down with Mike Jewell of Relational Integrity, LLC to talk about how we can be set free from the lies that we believe.

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Guest info

mike jewell relational integrityMike Jewell is the Founder of Relational Integrity LLC and Co-Founder of Trek Productions LLC, which produced The Trek program. He is also the creator of “The Bridge”. Mike serves on various nonprofit boards with a purpose of seeing lives transformed and relationships healed. He has extensive knowledge and experience in teaching, conflict resolution, personnel management, speaking and has led workshops for churches, married couples, veterans and more.

Whether it is your work, marriage, family or social relationships, there are certain truths that apply to all relationships. But, if we believe a lie instead of the truth, then we have difficulty relating to others, even with the ones we love most. Relational Integrity can assist you in discovering the Truth that sets you free from the lies you unknowingly believe. The Trek program was developed to look back onto the path you walked in life and discover the lies. Then you can exchange the truth for the lie and relationships will improve.


The Trek

The Trek is an online self-discovery video series that educates participants about themselves, their behaviors, and their emotional reactions toward situations and people they encounter every day. This self-discovery curriculum assists adults, parents, spouses, children, and families identify and celebrate the strengths in their lives while providing tools to recognizing and improve those areas where you feel improvement is needed.

The Trek can be used successfully by a wide range of people. Individuals, couples, and families can find answers, while non-profits, schools, youth organizations, governmental agencies and other service programs can serve their community with this curriculum. More info