#068: Work – Life After Being Fired

#068: Work – Life After Being Fired

Fewer moments in life are more embarrassing or frustrating than being fired. Nobody really prepares you for the moment when you are no longer working for a company or organization. And often, both people involved feel a sense of loss and emotional drain. This week, Jeff and DW focus on how to move forward with hope after a firing.

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How did we get here?

It’s hard to believe anyone gets fired for no reason. Yet, you may know someone who was fired from a job over something little or over something that was not in their control. One thing that we must understand – regardless of why you get fired – is that we’re talking about sinful people living in a sinful world. You may get fired unjustly. You may get fired when you deserved it. What happens after that moment is what matters. Your legacy is defined not in the easy moments, but in the ones that seem like they’re the hardest to make it through.

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