#041: Be the Dad You Wish You Had

#041: Be the Dad You Wish You Had

Happy Father’s Day to all our dads who listen to HopeNet Radio! How often have you heard the words from a guy you know who has  young children say, “I just want to be the dad that I wish I had”? I’ve heard this phrase often. So many men today are growing up without dads that it’s alarming. Why do you think so many dads are confused about what it means to be a dad?

Discussed on the Show

The importance of dads & men who mentor teens. (Consider becoming a Live Coach on the crisis chatline.)

When dads fall short. Dads make mistakes, too.

John 9: The blind man’s family – “Who has sinned?” -Disciples

Does God create people with a predisposition to be depressed or suicidal?


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