#072: Love is Honest

#072: Love is Honest

The Love Is series continues this week with the light topic of honesty. Honestly, it’s a huge discussion. Most of us have been disappointed by someone who has lied. Why is that? Does telling the truth trump being right? Join the TweetBack and add your voice!

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Plus, we’ve got some exclusive interviews with some students who were at Winter Jam at Silver Birch Ranch. We chat about emojis, real life problems and struggles. It was a ton of fun getting to know them and we wanted to share part of the fun with you this week.

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For one day, decide to not tell a lie.
Did you take the challenge last week? Share your experience!


#046: Things I Wish I Knew

#046: Things I Wish I Knew

Tonight, Kristen Jane Anderson shares the things she wished she knew before making a destructive decision that nearly cost her life. Her book, Life In Spite of Me, can be found here.

I wish I knew… by Kristen Jane Anderson

1. The Gospel. Having grown up in church much of my life, I never heard what it meant to have a relationship with God.

2. Depression – how common it can be, as well as the triggers, the signs, and how easy it is to fall into a depression.

3. I was suicidal. I thought about things normal people wouldn’t think about.

4. My mom and even some of my friends didn’t have it all together or figured out.

5. Isolation breeds depression.

6. I didn’t have to keep so much of the stress and pain I was feeling to myself. I especially wish I would have shared it with my parents.

7. My parents weren’t trying to hurt me at all. They just wanted to help me.

8. It wasn’t my job to protect my parents.

9. There were really good youth groups at churches nearby that I would have enjoyed being a part of.

10. It would get better, that it always does, and that God had really good things planned ahead of me. (Jeremiah 29:11)

11. God was near, that He cared about me more than I could have ever imagined (even about the little things), and He seriously wanted a relationship with me.

12. The blessing of the body of Christ, the friends, the leaders, and the music. I didn’t know what I was missing

13. Although Jesus had never sinned, He could sympathize with my weaknesses. (Hebrews 4:15)

14. Jesus didn’t come for the healthy. He came for the sick. (Mark 2:17)

15. The power of God, the Bible, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


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#009: Christians are afraid of Halloween? #HNR

#009: Christians are afraid of Halloween? #HNR

#009: Christians are afraid of Halloween? #HNR

by HopeNet Radio | Podcast

Who’s on this episode?

Jeff Strommen @jstrommen
Dave Wager @wagerdaw

As I drive through neighborhoods this time of year, I see witches, ghosts, skeletons, black cats, zombies and pumpkins carved into monsters. Tombstones decorate front yards with white, fuzzy spider webs. Some are just downright spooky!

All the costumes and candy aside, this is a really dark time of year. And if we’re not wise, it can be downright demonic. Halloween is really not a Christian sort of holiday. You could make a case as to why Christians should not participate in it since it has such dark spiritual overtones to it. In fact, that argument has already been hashed out pretty well already. Dave and I want to take a different approach and ask questions that steer the conversation to talk evangelism. Spiritual things matter. Everybody is searching for answers to things they can’t explain.

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Show Notes

In day-to-day conversation, how often do you talk about angels or demons? Probably very little if you’re like me. Here are some good discussion starters for tonight…

+ What’s the big deal about Halloween anyway?
+ Why is our society enamored with dark spiritual things (ie. ghosts, witches, goblins, zombies, etc)?
+ How do we recognize demonic spiritual influence in our lives?
+ Should we even talk about such demonic things, for they could bring doom and gloom on us?
+ What does it mean to be spiritually superstitious?
+ How can Christians use Halloween to be evangelistic?

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