#042: A Happier Place?

#042: A Happier Place?

Why do we struggle with happiness today? Americans have so much in the ways of technology, education, material wealth, entertainment outlets that it should seem we have nothing more to do, but be happy all the time. But so many of us are not. Depression, self-harm, drug and substance abuse are just some of the things we hear about often in our culture. Why is this? Tonight, Jeff asks the question, “With all that we have available to us in America, why is this not a happier place?”

Discussed on the Show

Q: If I gave you one thing that would make you happy, what would it be?

Q: Why is it that we are not always happy?

Q: What does it take to be truly happy in life?

Story: Did you know that God had cake delivered to one of His prophets? Read about Elijah in 1 Kings 19.

Thought: Do something meaningful this summer!

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7 Reasons you Struggle with Happiness


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