#156: Initiate (Part 2)

by HopeNet Radio | Podcast

Who’s on this episode?

Jeff Strommen @jstrommen
Dave Wager @wagerdaw
Jason Kemper @kempster220

Jeff and Dave continue the Initiate series this week. This is all about looking at the building blocks of the Christian faith. It might seem odd to think about how you and I learn things. But check this out. We all learn differently. Our minds are so wonderfully made to absorb a vast amount of information. How we learn and what we learn about God matters in this faith journey. You might have even learned some things that were untrue about God and are working through unlearning them. Listen and share your thoughts.

Make each conversation count this week. You could save a life.

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Show Notes

Damascus Road | Recharge 2017 | Silver Birch Ranch’s 50th Summer!


cause (a process or action) to begin. a person who has been initiated into an organization or activity, typically recently.


Empty the Cup

One of the best ways to uncover what we don’t know is by asking questions. Great teachers do this so that they can teach the student something new. Today’s generation of young people are surrounded by noise and it is becoming increasingly difficult to process the information we receive. And the more points of information we open ourselves up to (ie. Internet, TV, movies, peers, social media and apps, smartphones, etc), the harder it is to hear the truth.

How can we resolve this before we all go crazy?


Ways We Learn

Read Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, which is a broader understanding of the primary learning types (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile – VAKT).

Which one do you primarily learn by?


When you study the Bible, use methods that work to your learning strength. If you’re stuck in a rut with your studies, change it up a bit. Try a different method.

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