#155: Initiate (Part 1)

by HopeNet Radio | Podcast

Who’s on this episode?

Jeff Strommen @jstrommen
Terra Kay @terrakfree

Jeff and Terra Kay kick off a new series called Initiate this week. This is all about looking at the building blocks of the Christian faith. Terra shares her story about how she got into anti-human trafficking work. Happy 2017, too!

Make each conversation count this week. You could save a life.

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Show Notes

Become a Live Coach | Damascus Road | Recharge 2017 | Silver Birch Ranch’s 50th Summer!

Human Trafficking is the recruitment, harboring, transporting, obtaining or maintaining of a person by means of…

FORCE (rape, beatings, constraint, confinement, torture)
FRAUD (false, or deceptive offers)
COERCION (threats of serious harm; any threat intended to make victim believe that failure to comply would result in retaliation) for the purpose of a commercial sex act, or in which the person induced to perform such an act is under 18 years of age.


Human Trafficking is simply a politically correct phrase for what is Modern Day Slavery

Human Trafficking includes:

Sex Trafficking – victim forced into commercial sex trade against their will.
Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) – forced sexual services of children
Labor Trafficking – forced labor or services in Domestic Servitude, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Construction, Factories, Service Industry, Hotels, Restaurants, Nail Salons and more.

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