#151: 'Tis The Season For Joy

by HopeNet Radio | Podcast

Who’s on this episode?

Jeff Strommen @jstrommen
Dave Wager @wagerdaw
Jason Kemper @kempster220

The hustle and bustle is in full swing as we get ready for Christmas. But for many of us, the sense of joy isn’t with us at this time of year. Whether you’re dealing with grief or a difficult life season, Jeff and Dave hope to make your week a little brighter as we dive into what it means to have joy.

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Show Notes

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Sometimes, your expectations can rob you of joy.

When your expectations are only focused on self and your desires, joy will elude. You’ll find joy when you choose to help others find joy.


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Post Truth

Oxford Dictionaries has selected “post-truth” as 2016’s international word of the year, after the contentious “Brexit” referendum and an equally divisive U.S. presidential election caused usage of the adjective to skyrocket, according to the Oxford University Press.

The dictionary defines “post-truth” as “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.” (Source)

It reminds me more of post-modernism, which has been around for a long time.

Your circumstances do not have to rob you of your joy.

I know this seems backwards, but check it out. Every day, you get to choose how you respond to challenges and adversity. You can choose to focus on what you cannot change, or decide to focus on what does not change.


Joy and happiness are different.

You might not feel happy all the time. But you can rest in knowing that God is working for you and is working all things together for good. That brings joy.


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