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Jeff Strommen @jstrommen | Dave Wager @wagerdaw | Jason Kemper @kempster220


You are who you surround yourself with. In other words, who you hang with will determine who you become. This week, Jeff and Dave talk about what it takes to build a strong community. There are two kinds of people out there: those who wait for community to come to them, and those who build community. Building real community can be done. Jeff will share the strategy he uses to network local youth pastors together. The goal is to begin to think about the people you can help right now become successful.

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Show Notes

Kids in Crisis Series & Webcasts (USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin)

“Kids in Crisis is USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin’s groundbreaking series on youth mental health. Wisconsin ranks among the worst states for rates of youth depression, youth suicide, and shortages of care providers. A team of 25 journalists throughout the state have spent months reporting on the topic and we hope you will join us in finding solutions.”

It’s no secret that this generation is pressed from many sides. “What do I do about my kid’s cutting habits?” “I’m afraid my child is doing drugs. What do I do?” “My kids’ friends are not good influences. How can I help?”

I hear these questions all the time and I can’t help but believe that conversations save lives. We need opportunities to have these kinds of conversations. And faith communities have to be part of these dialogues.


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