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Jeff Strommen @jstrommen | Dave Wager @wagerdaw | Jason Kemper @kempster220

Arguably the most disappointing seconds for the Minnesota Vikings came at the end of what seemed to be sure victory in the first round of the NFL Playoffs. Steve Harvey experienced a momentary failure when he incorrectly announced the winner of Miss Universe 2015. Everybody fails. But not everyone succeeds. The road to success is paved with failure. And guess what?

It’s OK. Here’s why…

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Football is great for real-life examples that we can glean from. Take the Vikings game in the Wild Card round of the NFL Playoffs a couple of weeks ago at home against Seattle. The last play of the game. Failure.
What is the worst part about failing? The worst part about failure has to be the people you let down. The memory of it and when people continually bring it up – not letting it define you.


Check out this video from Steve Harvey following a taping of Family Feud.