What’s not to love about Broderick Stephen “Steve” Harvey? Even before last night, I found Steve Harvey to be a genuinely funny, down-to-earth guy. I have watched his clips from Family Feud over the years and even catch clips of his Steve Harvey Show now and then. He’s a guy who has made me laugh so hard I cried at times. And he has done this for years… until last night.

In case you missed it, Steve announced the wrong winner of Miss Universe 2015 last night, much to the shock of everyone watching to the end. He had just committed the most heinous offense a pageant host could make on a nationally-televised live broadcast.

Steve Harvey Twitter Apology 1

“I have to apologize.”

Complete horror. The kind that punches you in the gut and twists around your stomach into balloon art. After apologizing on stage and backstage, Steve expressed his thoughts after the gaffe on social media.

Miss Colombia was Miss Congeniality at the end of the night. Something we can all learn from, I think.


That’s what a gentleman does. When he makes a mistake, he owns it. Steve Harvey is a gentleman. He apologized for his mistake. He composed himself and went on to finish what he started. In the end, grown adults were crying so hard they laughed again. One day, we’ll all laugh together.

Thank you for showing us what a true gentleman does, Steve.