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Much like football, life is built on mastering fundamentals. When it comes to faith, it’s much the same. In this Fundamentals series, Jeff and DW will help you unpack the Christian faith. In this week’s episode, we’ll continue our discussion about God and look at how the Bible helps us in this new way of living. Terra Kay is back with us, too.

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Terra Kay and World Relief Fox Valley is hosting a Volunteer Night in Oshkosh, WI on October 27. (Website)

For some of us, the idea of God is convoluted by negative or painful experiences in life that cause us to doubt His being for us. If left to just our experience or our feelings, we’ll be misled and deceived often. Reality and faith has to be objective. For something to be true absolutely, it must be true over time and over cultures. Just because many people believe in something doesn’t make it necessarily true. Christianity and Scripture is supported logically.

Read about what a Logical Fallacy is.

Laws of Logic

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