Patience is the first episode in the Love Is series of HopeNet Radio. Over the next few weeks, Jeff, DW and Jason will explore 1 Corinthians 13. This week is all about patience. Every human has a desire to love and be loved.

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Patience isn’t impulsive.
Patience isn’t indecision.
Patience isn’t negligent.
Patience isn’t laziness.
Patience isn’t passivity.

“Patience isn’t my strongest suit.” -Hugh Jackman, Wolverine (X-Men)


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Patience is the settled reality that we are not in control. It’s simply understanding how things work. The more we understand how things work, the more patience shows up in our life. A point of discussion in many episodes is that the world simply doesn’t revolve around us. Yet, we really wish it did.

One of the biggest temptations, especially in marriage, is to set out to fix the other person. You’ll wind up miserable the more you press someone to change.

When or where do you find it most difficult to be patient?


So how do we get patience?

1) Why are you impatient?
2) Write it down.
3) Work at changing your attitude. Let go more.
4) See the big picture.
5) Step back. Expect the unexpected and give yourself a break more. (source)

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