This week, Jeff and DW get down to business. That’s right. Jason and Mike are back to talk about the purpose of work in our life. We were all created to work. What work is meaningful? Why should we be glad to work? Does God care about the things we put our hands to? Is our work our source of meaning and significance? Or is it more than that? Listen in and share your thoughts on the TweetBack.

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“Work fulfills our nature; it is part of who we are, and we can never be fully satisfied without it. At the same time, however, work is not the sum total of who we are.” (

“Our jobs are not necessarily the most important aspect of our calling or our service in Christ’s work of redemption.” (

the root of the English word vocation is the Latin verb voca, which means “to call.” The linguistic evidence shows that at some point in history, people thought of every type of work as a “calling.” Whether you are a minister or a mechanic, you do not work because it pays the bills, or because it’s personally fulfilling, or because it justifies the money you spent on college tuition. You work because it glorifies God. (
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