T.H.A.N.K.S. This month, Jeff & DW will break down this word and help you live a life that’s thankful every day. The series is called “Thanksliving.” We’ve got the “A” for you this week!

Today’s generation, being so consumer-driven and consumer-minded, has created a thankless culture where the small things become even more insignificant as we search for the bigger, better, faster things. Consumers care less about the ‘why’ and more about the ‘what.’ It takes diligence to remain thankful in all circumstances.

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Thanksliving Series: Time | Heart | Attitude | Never Not Thankful | Kindness by Serving


Some thoughts from this weekmikeott

A- Attitude: Your attitude is your way of thinking. Changing an attitude isn’t just snapping out of a bad mood. It’s transforming your thought patterns. It takes work! Check out 1 Peter 4:1-2 NLT | ESV

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Michael Ott, youth pastor at Graceway Fellowship, joins us on the show. Check out his blog. Hit him up for youth games!


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