Tonight’s episode of HopeNet Radio is all about moms! Happy Mother’s Day to moms out there. Jeff, Dave, Kyle and Todd welcome Sandy Hartman to the show tonight to talk to a real-life mom about real-life challenges being a mom.

Some rad things about Sandy:

She picked out her husband in a yearbook.
She has officially played Flappy Bird.
She always has a smile and her laugh is infectious.
She is a mom to kids of her own and is hosting a foreign exchange student.

Farewell, Kylekyle dave todd

Tonight is Kyle’s last episode with us. Recently engaged, Kyle will be moving back home to Illinois. It has been well-established that Kyle is a Bears fan, but regardless, we’re going to miss him on the show. Keep your ears peeled, he may make a cameo in future episodes. Gonna miss you, bro!


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