Tomorrow, we celebrate 6 years of saving lives at HopeNet 360. So much has happened over these last 6 years that it would take quite a bit to write down. We’ve met some amazing people along the way and continue to see young people find hope. Tonight on the show, Dave and I talk a little about why we do this show. Kyle and Todd help us uncover some of the top 100 things on Twitter that people are giving up for Lent. And we’ll talk about where we’re going as we head into the second half of the first year of HopeNet Radio. Don’t miss the Alice in Wonderland and Yogi Berra quotes, too. Some good thought-provoking stuff here.

Personally, I’m really thankful that Dave Wager and I have the chance to speak into lives every single week. Story after story comes in to our email bag and Facebook page about what’s going on in young people’s lives and we really enjoy the chance to interact with you guys every week. Our guests have been nothing short of God-ordained. To hear Kristen Jane Anderson open up about her seemingly perfect life growing up in her church and with a dad and mom who loved her greatly decide to lay on some train tracks one night to end her life, then, share about how God spared her life. It’s really incredible the conversations we’ve had. A few weeks ago, we interviewed a young man who lost his 13-month-old daughter suddenly continue to keep his faith and trust in God and stay committed to his calling to reach youth through school assemblies.

Too often, conversations can be boiled down to the weather and what’s on TV. All the while, what’s going on inside is being suppressed out of fear of rejection or not being understood. We have to change. We’ve gotta talk about what matters and foster a place of openness to talk about anything we’re struggling with that is without fear of judgment. That’s where those conversations that save lives really happen – when we have people around us who would rather listen and encourage us where we’re weak. That’s what this is all about.

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