Kristen in Milwaukee

Kristen Jane Anderson returns to the show this week! Kristen lost both of her legs in a suicide attempt and now speaks to young people to tell of how God transformed her life. This week, Kristen had the chance to speak to over 100 students in Milwaukee. Check out her Facebook Page.

Kristen’s Website

Jeff & Dave also introduce you to Michael Ott. Originally from Pennsylvania, Mike graduated from Liberty University and serves as a youth pastor in Green Bay. Here are some random facts you should know:

– Mike is totally in love with his beautiful wife, Amber.
– Mike has a coffee addiction; and Starbucks is sometimes mistaken as his office.
– If Mike hears a basketball bouncing; he will be playing within seconds.
– He loves adventure and creating new life stories
– His desire is to always invest in people that are in his life for years, days, minutes.
– Every day, he’s looking to build a closer relationship with Jesus.

DSC_0467Check out Michael’s blog.

Jeff & Dave continue this month’s series, “If Those Who Reach Could Touch.” Every person is reaching for true relationships. Last week, we talked about reaching in the absolute wrong direction as we discussed human trafficking. This week is all about having traction. Join in the conversation!



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