#008: Where have all the good men gone?

by HopeNet Radio | Podcast

Who’s on this episode?

Jeff Strommen @jstrommen
Dave Wager @wagerdaw

Now, before we take a pessimistic (read: hopeless) point of view here, let’s be clear that there are many good men out there yet who need to be awoken in their stone-cold hearts. In case you missed the beginning of this conversation on HopeNet Radio, you can listen to the podcast here and start about midway through it. While this is not a new issue, it’s one worth talking about because we’re seeing a society of men who:

+ detach or disown their families
+ are addicted
+ don’t know how to be good husbands/fathers/friends

We’re here to help! Then, on the 2nd half of the show, we’re talking about our society’s fascination with dark spiritual things. Plus, we’re reading your emails, Facebook posts, & tweets!

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