Alright guys and gals! Dave and I have this idea that we hope you’ll help us out with for an upcoming episode of HopeNet Radio. It’s called the Dear Me letter project. Simply, write a letter to yourself (or your BFF) from the heart. It could be made up of funny memories, best pieces of advice people have told you or just stuff you wish people said more often to you. The letter can be as long or as short as you want it to be.

This is more than a show. I believe words are powerful and can be the different between life and death. Your letters are more than words on paper. They bring life and encouragement.



Want to submit a letter? Your letter can be anonymous if you put anonymous in the subject line. If we read your letter on air, we’ll enter you into a drawing from the Q90 FM Prize Bin! Please share this article with your friends and have them send a letter as well.

Please submit letters by October 2nd!


To submit your Dear Me letter, email it to us! (Preferably MS Word or PDF)