This Thanksgiving weekend marks the 5th anniversary after losing a classmate, neighbor and childhood friend too early in life. I still remember going to his funeral and seeing many that I graduated high school with asking the same question, “Why?” There are still no answers today just as it was back then. And for thousands of families who have lost a loved one during the holiday seasons, this time of year can be especially difficult.

While many families are celebrating and sharing in laughter and joy around the dinner table, there are those who feel numb with little or no joy. This year, reach out to a friend or family member that you know who needs to know somebody cares. If you have lost a loved one recently, know that you’re not alone. No one can take that pain away, but no one should have to walk alone. And know that  you can talk to someone who cares when emotions are overwhelming.

There’s hope. There’s help. You’re never alone.